Narrative Non-Fiction Comics: UPDATE

inked comic page

The publisher received the first installment of my creative non-fiction comic this week. It has been almost a year since a posted about a creative non-fiction comic I’ve been illustrating and writing. Previous posts on creative non-fiction comics: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

The irony is that Drawn, an illustration and cartooning blog, posted this on Monday:”Goodbye one-page diary comics; everyone’s blogging now.”

It appears the one the inspirations for my work now has a blog (which isn’t bad) but he posted this: “In the old days i’d have made a one-page … but today we squander our narratives in a blog.”

What a pisser.

The first installment is due to hit the streets in December and the medium is horribly dated. Another source of inspiration has a blog as well but hasn’t updated since 2003. However, Vertigo released a five-issue miniseries by him that began in September.

Maybe it’s not as bad as Drawn considered.

Four Poets and a Singer-Songwriter

Traveling Bonfires Show at Malaprop’s.
Nov 18 2006, Saturday, 7pm to 9pm, downtown Asheville, NC.

The Traveling Bonfires presents UNCA-based poets Arielle Carlson and Brian Sneeden, graphic artist and writer Matthew Mulder, Bonfires founder and editor-publisher Pasckie Pascua, and Paul DeCirce, leader and lead vocalist of the Asheville-based band, Peace Jones.

[ ] ARIELLE CARLSON (poet) – 7:00pm to 7:20
[ ] MATTHEW MULDER (poet) – 7:20 to 7:40
[ ] PASCKIE PASCUA (poet) – 7:40 to 8:00
[ ] BRIAN SNEEDEN (poet) – 8:00 to 8:20
[ ] PAUL DeCIRCE (singer-songwriter) – 8:20 to 8:50