“Reading too much… is a disaster for a writer. To immerse yourself in literature – particularly those of your contemporaries – makes your work derivative at worst, and unoriginal at best.”

Should writers be readers?

I’m surprised that one of the photos I submitted to the DITLO project was chosen as the jugde’s pick. The Day in the Life of Asheville photo project took place between 12:00 noon April 18 through midnight April 19 in … Continue reading

Does a blog leave a carbon footprint?

When I started blogging four years ago there were, according to Technorati, 6 million blogs. There are almost 113 million blogs presently.

Imagine all those server farms burning up energy in order to power 113 million blogs 24 hours a day. What kind of carbon footprint does that leave?

A book or magazine or newspaper I can recycle, but the energy to power a blog is spent and spent and spent and…

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A link for people who love their poetry and coffee, and because I received an email asking if I knew a “poem pertaining to coffee.” Last summer I read a beautiful poem about coffee, or rather a café in Hungary that served the best java. It was published in Alimentum. I couldn’t locate the copy of the journal. It will be a delicious discovery once found.

Coffee Poetry