bob jones university recently sent this note to it’s alumni and friends:

BJU Press published The Christian and Drinking: A Biblical Perspective on Moderation and Abstinence by Dr. Randy Jaeggli…. [He] presents Scriptural, medical and cultural evidence that brings the reader to the conclusion that a Christian should totally abstain from… alcohol…. The sensitivity and complexity of the topic of the book… have caused confusion for some readers…. While our position is clear… we do not want the University to be in a position of causing confusion or misunderstanding among our Christian brethren. Therefore, we are temporarily pulling the book from distribution.

i’ll drink to that… smithwick’s please…

found poetry (headlines edition)

if your familiar with found poetry, here’s my find for today (using headlines):

poll finds tell-all,

created a rorschach cheat sheet,

his supporters, say goodbye.

if you’re not familiar with found poetry , it’s sort of like mad libs… but not really…