why won’t illustrator cs3 do what i told it to? i said do it 3d not flat. great, now i’m talking to a piece a software… <quietly leaves the room & looks for a yuengling>

‘it’s my execution…’ listenin to ye ole grammatrain while designin some schtuff fer someone…

um, i guess it’s closing time… thanks for turning off all the lights… now where did i put my maglite so i can crawl out of this audio bunker…

while reviewing audio i recorded earlier this week, i realized only i will notice small details… like the fact that i had a bit of hay fever due to the windy monday weather & i pronounced ‘slash’ with a bit too much snot & the that sneeze i edited out of the final cut seemed to leave the residue of a hasty 10-second spot that was actually supposed to be 15-seconds. but these are all things unnoticeable to the average listener.

People go out to look at sunrises and sunsets who do not recognize their own, quietly and happily, but know that it is foreign to them. As they do by books, so they quote the sunset and the star, and do not make them theirs. Worse yet, they live as foreigners in a world of truth, and quote thoughts, and thus disown them. Quotation confesses inferiority.

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Letters and Social Aims 1876 (via 52books)

listening to Vieux Farka Toure, drinking assam tea & thinking it is really too late to be working on a freelance project…

Can Twitter Rake in the Ads to Justify $1 Billion Valuation?

“… said Warren Lee, VC at Canaan Partners. ‘That would require tremendous volumes of impressions and reasonable conversions. Lots of execution will be needed. Not impossible but unlikely.’ …Yet Twitter is quite different. ‘It’s the first one that’s not a destination — it’s a distributed service,’ said Seth Goldstein, CEO of SocialMedia and investor in early Twitter backer Union Square Ventures. ‘There is no precedent for how to monetize it.’ “

—from adage.com