Pageantry of vanity

It sort of overturns my apple cart when a script for an upcoming podcast — that I have worked on for months — seems to be summed up in under four minutes . . . on Youtube . . .

Are you part of the one percent?

Is the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator an accurate assessment of your personality type? Or just an extension of Jung’s four main archetypes?

Have you completed one of those online personality tests to determine your career path?

Here’s Memorado’s personality type: link.

What is your personality type? And how has this helped your career? Life?

Quote: Most people believe that technology is a staunch friend

“. . . most people believe that technology is a staunch friend. There are two reasons for this. First, technology is a friend. It makes life easier, cleaner, and longer. Can anyone ask more of a friend? Second, because of its lengthy, intimate, and inevitable relationship with culture, technology does not invite a close examination of its own consequences. It is the kind of friend that asks for trust and obedience, which most people are inclined to give because its gifts are truly bountiful. But, of course, there is a dark side to this friend. Its gifts are not without a heavy cost.”

–Neil Postman

Confessions : 10

01. It has been many winters since my last confession.

02. Yesterday, I jogged three miles west of the village.

03. In the rain. And wind.

04. A woman stopped her SUV along the road to ask if I needed a ride. I thanked her and declined.

05. I am reading a volume of poetry by Robert Lowell for the first time.

06. And also reading Lamentations.

07. Last week, the faithful MacBook Pro of seven years — named Hagar — nose-dived into hard drive oblivion.

08. Nearly seven days without a laptop and connection to the internet.

09. Hagar’s replacement arrived. Now connected to the matrix.

10. Somehow, I miss those days of non-digital, non-internet existence.

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Sunday paper, book fair and other notes

For those of you following my Sunday search for a copy of the New York Times in a fly over state, I finally found a copy last weekend. And I enjoyed reading it Sunday afternoon and evening. There is something about flipping through the printed pages of the weekend edition of a newspaper that is a luxurious activity.

Other notes of interest:

  • Last weekend was the Racine & Kenosha Authors Book Fair. Photos of the event will be posted here later this week.
  • The production and editing of the upcoming audio podcast is almost complete. It is running a bit long for this episode. So, I may cut one segment to fit the desired time slot of 20 to 25 minutes. What am I going to do with the extra segment? Suggestions?
  • On that note, Nick Demske — who curates the BONK! performance series in Racine — suggested contacting a few of the musicians and singer/songwriters to feature on upcoming audio podcasts. I am very excited to announce that two musicians — who performed at BONK! performances — have provided permission to feature their work on future episodes of the Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast.

That is all for now, friends!

If you are interested, here are a few things said elsewhere:
[1] I really should not be allowed on social media. It no doubt alters and disrupts neural pathways.
[2] One feature I like about the @Kenosha_News paper is the Off the Shelves section. Kenosha Public Library staff feature authors & books.
[3] According to @WSJ (pg D2), corduroy is back in fashion. Yay! Since @goodwill is where I shop, my wardrobe is finally in style. I haven’t been this excited since the 90s… when grunge rockers brought flannel to the mainstream…

Autumn bee in a cafe

“There are not enough bees on the planet,” he tells his daughter as he captures a bee in a disposable cup from the coffee shop. He has gray hair and wears camouflage fatigue pants and an white maintenance and management crew t-shirt. He releases the bee outside the cafe and returns to get his coffee and sit with his daughter.

Google reports that it is the first day of autumn. Technically, Google is correct. It is the first day. Though my calendar says the first day of autumn was yesterday. At 10 p.m.

Ever feel like a bee bouncing around the inside of a cafe trying to make sense of this strangely confusing world?

Top read posts of the day

Every year around this time (and through to the end of the year), the most read blog post is a list of Christmas poems I compiled. So it did not surprise me that the most read posts of the day included that one. What did amuse me is that only one of the top read posts was written this year. Here is what you are reading today:

  1. Is commercial radio extinct? (2010)
  2. Advent Poems (or the 12 days of Christmas poetry) (2012)
  3. Two reasons why I quit Tumblr (2012)
  4. The purpose of sketching your ideas (2011)
  5. [Podcast] When the lights go out (2014)

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This week: Racine & Kenosha Authors Book Fair


The countdown is nearly complete. The Racine & Kenosha Authors Book Fair us this Saturday from 6-9 p.m. Since I am somewhat new to the regional literary scene, I am looking forward to meeting local poets and writers.

Here is a link the event’s Facebook page: Racine & Kenosha Authors Book Fair.

Podcasts – delayed, but not forgotten

To all three of you have inquired as to the absence of the monthly podcast, please forgive the delay.

My voice got sidelined for almost a month by a horrible summertime flu/virus/thingy. And then I had a week or so of heavy design projects. And then lost my voice again for a couple weeks due to another summertime allergy/virus/whatnot.

And then there is the issue of selecting and securing the rights to use guest music on the podcast.

I know, enough excuses. Thanks for your patience. I think you may enjoy the upcoming episodes.

Thanks for your support!

Free e-book. New e-book. Book Fair.

When it comes to promoting my own work, I am extremely self-consciousness. However, here are three announcements that may interest you.

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