Asheville Blogger Meetup

About two hours ago I enjoyed my first Asheville Blogger Meetup at Tomato Cosina Latina. My wife and I wrangled up a babysitter at the last hour (our first one cancelled) and we were off for a blogging good time.

The introductions were a bit odd because they usually start out:

“Hi Screwy Hoolie, I’m 1000 Black Lines. Oh, your Edgy Mama? I’m 1000 Black Lines. Glad to meet you. So, this is Mr. Edgy Mama. And you’re Modern Peasant. Pleasure to meet. Allow me to introduce my wife, Mrs. 1000 Black Lines.” Introductions might go easier if we all showed up wearing our blog banners. Okay, okay… they weren’t exactly like that.

I did bring my Nikon digi cam along to record the event. But if size has anything to do with it, the Nikon Ashvegas was using should yield better photos. I’ll let you guess who is who. I’m the one behind the camera. Ashvegas is back here too.

Image Hosted by

I posted more photos at BlogAsheville.

The food at Tomato Cosina Latina was incredible. I definately suggest trying that place. The conversations around the table were mixed but always stimulating. I really enjoyed my conversation with Modern Peasant about graphic design before MAC, iPods and blogs. I also enjoyed brief conversations with Edgy Mama and Screwy Hoolie.

The couple non-bloggers present seemed to have a good time as well.

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