The World’s Fastest Readings

Just got back from the world’s “second fastest reading” (according to Peter Turchi) at Malaprop’s. Twelve MFA faculty members from Warren Wilson College read from their published work. Each member was given roughly three and half minutes to read.

Last year I attended the first Warren Wilson MFA faculty reading [read here and here.]. This year they scaled it back a bit; from 18 to 12 readers.

WLOS had a camera crew filming portions of the event. I guess Asheville residents may see it on channel 13 tonight (I don’t own a television so I’ll check AshVegas’ blog to see if it was even aired).

Overall it was a good event. I must confess the first reader, whom I cannot recall, didn’t attract my attention and my adult ADD kicked in and I started writing stream of consciously in my notebook. Adria Bernardi read an excerpt from her novel which brought me back to the event and Justin Grotz delivered a fine reading of fiction as well as Peter Turchi.

Somehow the poets didn’t quite do it for me tonight. Maybe I’m overly critical of poets. Maybe the poets didn’t want to be there tonight. However, the second to the last reader, Steve Orlen, read a single poem that worked; and worked well.

After the event, I chatted with a gentleman who hosts Malaprop’s Blind Date with Poetry. He also happens to be one of the members of Eye For An Iris Press. With all the celebrated and award winning poets and writers gathered at Malaprop’s, I spent the most time conversing with this gentleman.

There’s something that has been preventing me from completing my application for the MFA program at Warren Wilson College. I thought it was simply intimidation, but I think it goes deeper than that. I can’t put my finger on it right now, but I intend to explore it later.

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One thought on “The World’s Fastest Readings

  1. Hi Matt,

    Located your blog through Steve Kirbach’s site awhile back, and just thought I’d say “thanks” for the report on the Malaprops reading. I had thought about heading over there last night, but simply didn’t make out the door in time.

    Being a relatively new Asheville resident, I’m still getting my bearings where the city and adjacent areas are concerned; your blog (and others) are certainly a help.

    Anyway, as a former graduate-level writing workshopper and student from a few years back, I think it’s perfectly understandable to have doubts about the MFA system. Make sure that all of your questions, doubts, etc. are addressed to your satisfaction before diving in, if you decide to apply.


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