mountainx tweeted a questioned yestarday: could… the power of social media save pop asheville? now native ashevillians are tweeting & facebooking about solutions to the ‘crisis.’

someone on facebook has the audacity to suggest (during a recession where i know several unemployed designers & cultural creatives) that people pay $50 for advance all-access tickets to pop asheville (last january the price was $15 for an all-access wristband). i suspect the person in question has completely zero, i repeat, zero marketing or events-planning experience.

first, an organization does not penalize the early birds for buying tickets (you penalize the lazy phish fans for showing up the day of the show hoping to score a miracle ticket).

second, if an organization is going to raise the tickets to $50, then consider this option:

  • offer advance ticket at $20 per ticket – offer good until Oct. 31, 2009
  • offer special rate of $35 per ticket – offer good until week before the festival
  • then charge full rate of $50 per ticket the week/day of the event

this is a well-tested, & proven business model. for those interested, i can explain how this business model works & the dynamics involved.

however, there’s another economic force at work regarding pop asheville: marketplace evolution. in short, if an organization can not adapt & survive, then it will die.

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