Poetry reading tonight

Tonight’s one-hour poetry reading at Malaprop’s Bookstore (55 Haywood St., Asheville, NC) begins at 7 p.m.

I’ll read from 7:00 to 7:30. Here is my set list:

  1. Immigrant
  2. Quits
  3. Leave my girlfriend alone
  4. Three shots in the night air
  5. Autobiography I
  6. Autobiography II
  7. Wander
  8. Immolation
  9. Dream catcher
  10. We are so far from home
  11. Stone upon stone I’ll bleed the river
  12. Always departing
  13. Where can men weep?
  14. Harvest moon
  15. Winter roost
  16. Bonfire
  17. What divides us
  18. We shall carry our pajamas in our book bags

This list is subject to change.

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