Quote: John Steinbeck

One must withdraw for a time from life in order to set down that picture.

John Steinbeck (via theparisreview)

Rain, Donald Hall


Curled on the sofa,
In the fetal position, Jane wept day
And night, night and day.
I could not touch her; I could do nothing.
Melancholia fell
Like rain over Ireland for week
Without end.
I never
Belittled her sorrows or joshed at
Her dreads and miseries.
How admirable I found myself.

22 Pages

That’s the size of today’s Asheville Citizen-Times. Monday’s newspaper was only 20 pages. And most of what I read is reprinted content from USA Today or AP. AC-T is a city newspaper that barely prints city news. When will AC-T print something the people of Asheville want to read? 

What I learned from Facebook today

Apparently people on Facebook like to read fortune cookies, horoscope and bible verses, and watch a lot of Youtube videos.