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1. Being Wrong

2. Failure Doesn’t Suck

3. Fear of Failure

4. Real Change Involves Failure

5. How the Lizard Brain Holds Us Back

6. Six Types of Failure, Only a Few Help You Innovate

7. Roll with the Punches

8. Trial, Error and the God Complex

9. The Fringe Benefits of Failure

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Link: 9 Reasons Why Failure Is Not Fatal

Five things to do when you’re laid off

If the bad news comes your way, consider these five tips.

  1. Get what’s coming to you
  2. Check your options for severance pay
  3. Make copies of your contact lists
  4. Strive to get a positive recommendation
  5. File for unemployment benefits

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Link: What to do if you’re laid off

Read: Six Rules For Networking at Work

  1. Build outward, not inward.
  2. Go for diversity, not size.
  3. Build weak ties, not strong ones.
  4. Use hubs, not familiar faces.
  5. Swarm the target.
  6. If people aren’t pulling together, strengthen ties.

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Link: Six Rules For Networking at Work