Six Million Blogs

Listening to The Divorce’s Redcoats and thinking about how Technorati tracks over 6 million blogs, (according to their Web site). How are magazine publishers ever going to make any money with Web logs flooding the information highway? Is this the end of print?

I scan through at least a dozen blogs daily (if not more) and I subscribe to at least four magazines (five if you include The New York Times). Why would anyone buy a paper copy if they can get the same info online for free? Halley’s Comment addresses this idea to some degree. She was pointing out that some Web sites share information while others charge you. Where would you go to get your information fix?

Do you subscribe to a magazine? If so, why?

4 thoughts on “Six Million Blogs

  1. * if i had the money and time, i’d still subscribe to “the week.” it was my favorite news magazine and, perhaps, the only news magazine i’d ever consider subscribing to again.

    i think print magazines will remain in print as long as people need reading material while the ride the subway, wait in the doctor’s office, and poop. but maybe that’s because i’m wondering if they cease to exist what i’ll do for collage exercises with my students.

  2. Jane, I tend to agree with you in regards to print magazines. It’s not like I can bring my iMac on the bus and read My Life as an Adverb (BTW I figured out why I can’t comment on your site… I need software upgrades).

    Here’s a funny crapper story. A family from my church visited my home for lunch one afternoon and the wife came out of the bathroom brandishing the latest issue of Main Street Rag.

    “What’s this?” she said.

    I mumbled something about it being a literary journal and she pointed out the obscenity of one poem.

    “Well it’s not the Bible,” she concluded.

    I almost launched into my dissertation on Christians in the arts but I stopped. Reading the Bible on the toilet seemed to weird me out a bit.

  3. * i chuckled aloud with reading about reading the Bible on the toilet. and then i had another thing i wanted to say, but then i realized maybe not everyone is as comfortable talking about poop as i am.

  4. I just left the lunchroom here at work and the conversation was about spicy foods (specifically hot peppers)… “Another thing that will clean you out…” I overheard as the coffee goddess blessed me with another cup of java.

    It’s funny, when I was growing up, my family steered conversations away from topics relating to or about death, sex and money. Crap stories were acceptable (and at times welcomed transitions from the previously mentioned forbidden topics).

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