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anyone remember 1994? how about live’s ‘i alone?’ for some reason that song haunts me this morning…

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brocatus: via whileyouwereout: Interpretation of minimal design by Ray Sison (via cirox)

bobowoodlake: el cosmico here we come!!

nativeskins: redarmada: A Flathead family in front of their home

picture-perfect-world: Piegan Indian Camp (1910) (Source: http://old-photos.blogspot.com/search/label/Native%20American?updated-max=2008-06-02T07%3A20%3A00-05%3A00&max-results=20)

le petit monde… new series… http://ping.fm/0PNFQ

turn a junk drawer into a book shelf… http://ping.fm/ispPs