this is my last post

there is nothing left

a final violent vomiting cough

a gasping for air

a relief that it is

finally over

Whoever had the thought to render bear fat and burn it in a lamp was touched a bit, or bored, or left alone to ponder light too long in some dank cabin: bear fat pops and stinks and brings no cheer to our condition. My brother Squire would burn such lamps to read the Scriptures: eyelids… 

Poetry 365: A Contemplation of the Celestial World, Maurice Manning

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noun • /pōˌkō-ko͝o-rănˈtē, -ränˈtĕ/ • a person who does not care

adjective • indifferent, nonchalant



noun • a vague feeling of sadness, seemingly without cause

i wonder if mondays in norway are better than mondays here… (Source:

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Open House, Theodore Roethke


My secrets cry aloud.
I have no need for tongue.
My heart keeps open house,
My doors are widely swung.
An epic of the eyes
My love, with no disguise.

My truths are all foreknown,
This anguish self-revealed.
I’m naked to the bone,
With nakedness my shield.
Myself is what I wear:
I keep the spirit spare.

The anger will endure,
The deed will speak the truth
In language strict and pure.
I stop the lying mouth:
Rage warps my clearest cry
To witless agony.