// she says, it’s an emotionally heavy week. i say, yeah.

// the difference between endurance and perseverance is that one requires action.

// yes, i realize i’m a snob. i prefer the term elitist.



noun • /DROMO-may-nee-uh/ • a compulsive longing for travel

// there are 10 sticky notes on my macbook pro… i can barely fine the keyboard… so much for gtd.

// how about i tell you a truer truth & call it fiction?

battery arrived. see exploded battery http://coffeehousejunkie.tumblr.com/post/81302716/my-macbook-pro-battery-exploded-after-20-months-of

somethingchanged: soupsoup: jhnbrssndn: azspot: The Generational Tech Divide (Source: http://samrainer.wordpress.com/2009/02/24/the-generational-tech-divide/)

GPOYW – awhile back @ a birthday party

my macbook pro battery exploded after 20 months of use. luckily, i was able to remove it before it ruined the laptop.