Tonight at Osondu Booksellers

Tonight, April 28, 7-9pm
The Traveling Bonfires & Osondu Booksellers present
Matthew Mulder, Margaret Osondu, Pasckie Pascua, and guest poets.

Osondu Booksellers, Waynesville, NC.

For info, (828) 456 8062 or (828) 505-0476.

on the radio : a poem sketch

Rest my head in
hand near the table
where a small black
radio plays an
instrumental I
have never heard but
know it… know its
audio content.

Notes plucked
from guitar strings
weave and release
a story that
resonates deep
within my soul
and makes me want
to cry and hope.

The announcer
says his name is
Ottmar Liebert
but does not share
the name… the name
of the song that
makes me want to cry.

Vanessa Boyd : Hunger : Digipack Design

Copies finally arrived. Actually, they arrived more than a week ago, but I’ve been rather busy and I am just getting around to posting about its arrival.

The Hunger CD design was completed months ago. The design process was completed via teleconference (Vanessa Boyd living in New York City) and digital transfer (i.e. emailing art/corrections/finals via high-speed internet). It’s nice to see the final manufactured product. Click on the image to see the inside and back of the package design on my Flickr photostream.