Rapid River, Publishes Poem

Local arts magazine Rapid River published my poem “Narrative Kernel” in the November issue. Rapid River is published monthly in over 250 high traffic locations in Asheville and Buncombe County. Request a free copy:

Rapid River Art Magazine
70 Woodfin Pl. Ste 212
Asheville, NC 28801

(828) 258-3752

Earlier this week I received letters of rejection regarding a collection of poems and a short story from two publications. I guess the publiscation of “Narrative Kernel” makes up it.

Writers at Home Series

Yesterday afternoon I attended a Writers at Home Series which featured Marc Fitten, editor, of the The Chattahoochee Review at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café.

Most of the audience in the cafe consisted of poets and writers seeking information from a benevolent editor who accepts or rejects submissions to a literary publication at his good pleasure. Sadly, most the questions were predictable. Any writer who desires to be published in a literary journal and asks questions like, “Should I call the editor to check on the status of a submission?” obviously has not done enough research in the field. Other fatuous questions include:
“What are you looking for in a manuscript?”
“What turns you off when reading a short story or essay?”

Puerile questions about writers wanting… no… lusting to be published almost drove me from the Café. You might as well tell the editor: “Sleep with me… I’ll bear your children… I’ll do anything… just publish my short fiction for the love of God.”

I sighed, doodled in my notebook and then the gracious Director of the Great Smokies Writing Program asked Marc Fitten to describe the life a manuscript once it makes it to the literary journal’s mail box. I listened.

I listened because Marc Fitten opened my eyes to the possibility that an editor of a literary journal might have a very rewarding job. The dream of all poets and writers is to get published, but another take on that dream is to publish a poet or writer of significance.

After the presentation, I told Marc I was almost persuaded to abandon writing and pursue publishing. With amiable fashion he smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s great.”

Another Published Poem

Local arts and culture magazine Rapid River published another one of my poems in the October issue. Rapid River is a free monthly magazine published in Asheville with a monthly readership of over 30,000 readers. You can find a Rapid River magazine rack pretty much any where downtown. I got my copy at Indigenous Teahouse & Juice Bar. So, go grab a copy and see what you think of my poem, “Reading ‘My American Body’ by W. K. Buckley.”