Where did April go?

April - It's been a blue

Where did April go? It’s a blur to me. In truth, most of this year has been a blur. If you journal or keep a diary, you understand the benefit of review. If you blog you know that you should be able to write a blog post in 70 minutes or less[1] and should have five main components including:

  • Lead Paragraph.
  • Relevant Image.
  • Personal Experience.
  • Main Body.
  • Discussion Question.[2]

Make sure you publish your post between 8 AM and 11 AM on a Monday morning[3] and include bullet points. A blog post without images and bullet points is highly ineffective. Yes, I’m a bit sarcastic. But don’t you feel that blog posts seem dehumanized by formulas for effectiveness and templates for success?

I look at my journal pages and see business cards and receipts stuffed between pages. On one page there’s a list of numbers (after deciphering them, I realized they are the CMYK break down of a turquoise color for a book project). Another page has an appointment date and time crossed out. My favorite is an unfinished note at the bottom of one page that simply ends mid-sentence. No conclusion. Random, incomplete entry. Even productivity guru and author of Getting Things Done David Allen tweeted a few months ago:

“Life is messy; that’s why it’s so dynamic.”[4]

May is almost here. Glancing in the rearview mirror of analog and digital review helps me set goals for the horizon seen through the windshield. If this were a highly effective blog post, I would include a discussion question like: “How does journaling help you create dynamic goals for the next 30 to 90 days?” But this is not a successful blog post even though it has bullet points and an image.

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Late Night Writing ebook – now available

Late Night Writing – ebook

After nearly a decade since it was published, Late Night Writing is now available as an ebook for $1.99 at Amazon.com. The ebook features some new material — a Foreword by journeyman journalist/editor, poet, and founder of The Indie, Pasckie Pascua, an Introduction and an epigraph (of sorts).

Late Night Writing is available as a Kindle ebook, and that means you should be able to read it on all Kindle devices as well as iPhone and iPad devices. For those who do not have an ereader or tablet, Amazon has an app you can download that will allow you to read ebooks from your desktop or laptop computer.

Last month I re-read Late Night Writing and found, in retrospect, that reminds me of something Thomas Merton once wrote. I am interested to learn what you think of the collection of poems. Please leave your comments below or feel free to leave a starred review on the ebook’s Amazon page. Thanks for your support!