how many pull quotes can you possible use to answer whether poetry is poetry, or prose?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge:

The definition of good prose is – proper words in their proper places; of good verse – the most proper words in their proper places. The words in prose ought to express their intended meaning, and no more… But in verse, you must do more; there the words [are] the media


Poetry is not the thing said but the way of saying it.


poetry is what’s lost in translation.


A poem must be a closed system.


this reminds me that i need to finish writing my book reviews for spr…

What I always say to creative writing students when I talk about book reviewing is that they’re entering a landscape vastly different from the one I entered, and I only entered a few years ago.  Obviously, the Internet has rapidly and irrevocably changed the way  books—and anything—are talked about.  We now live in an age where some large segment of “professional” book criticism takes place in a medium somewhere between the customer comment and the fancy print book review.  Literally, everyone’s a critic, if they want to be and can type. (via)

if you had $2000 to spend on publishing your poetry manuscript, why give that money to 76 publishers?

from the book of kells:

So in total, 76 presses had the opportunity to consider it over 5 years (plus 9 that ALMOST got to consider it…) Don’t do the math on how much it cost me in postage, paper, and contest fees (I’m estimating about $30 a shot) or you’ll end up with about $400 a year on submissions (I’d guess about $2000 total). This makes me a little ill as that’s a lot of money. Thankfully, it was over 5 years, so my family still ate well and was fully clothed while I tried my best to be published. (via)

this is a really good argument for self-publishing your own poetry manuscript… imho… i’m just saying, if i had $2000 to spend on my own book, i’d hire a professional editor, art director, & spend the rest on printing, ad/marketing & distribution.

The artists of the past all had their rebellion. Elvis was rebelling against sexual repression, and Dylan was rebelling against immorality, and I feel like I’m rebelling against technology and the death of romance.

Jack White

(so much to love!){A}

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the octahedron can be especially useful in book cover designs… welikesnow: Sacred Geometry 1 (via Michæl.Paukner) (Source:

sometimes you just have to take a stand… pick up your junk & walk away…

tonight: Natasha Tretheway and Katherine Soniat to read at Posana Cafe at 8 pm.

a two-year absence from asheville, THE TRAVELING BONFIRES is back in asheville! i’ll be reading some poems with other vagrant poets and musicians at firestorm cafe october 31. it’s free. it starts at 8:00 pm.

it is inspiring for me to see public intellectuals debate with reason, civility & wit… also noticed in this sneak peak that dr. marvin olasky (world magazine editor in chief) appears to officiate the debate…

thomasfitzpatrick: Preview of the first 13 minutes of the forthcoming documentary “Collision”. The film follows renowned author and anti-theist Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson as they debate the topic: “Is Christianity Good For The World?”. (via)

confession: recently, i rode in a shuttle from a hotel to an airport with dr. olasky… but i was too shy to say anything…