I choose my own books
But really it’s destiny.
Their stories find me.

alannaevelyn (via prettybooks)

wordpainting: Well, I’ll read a few more than what’s on that shelf. (Source: http://www.alexchediak.com/image/summer%20reading.JPG)

I don’t try to be prophetic, as I don’t sit down to write literature. It is simply this: a writer has to take all the risks of putting down what he sees. No one can tell him about that. No one can control that reality. It reminds me of something Pablo Picasso was supposed to have said to Gertrude Stein while he was painting her portrait. Gertrude said, “I don’t look like that.” And Picasso replied, “You will.” And he was right.

James Baldwin (via theparisreview)

Terraced garden – using found materials

Terraced garden - using found materials

Terraced garden – using found materials

To be honest, I ran out of supplies for gardening. So the tree limbs and branches are salvaged from winter and spring storms. Each garden section (or box) is hand tilled and mixed with compost.

North garden under development

North garden under development

North garden using diy terrace strategy and found materials

Quote: Italo Calvino

Every morning I tell myself, Today has to be productive—and then something happens that prevents me from writing.

Italo Calvino (via theparisreview)

You cannot write autobiographically; you cannot write from memory… If one is writing from memory, one is writing ultimately a kind of shapeless, amorphous slice of lifeism.

Stanley Elkin (via theparisreview)

Quote: Charles Simic

How many book lovers among the young has the Internet produced? Far fewer, I suspect, than the millions libraries have turned out over the last hundred years.

Charles Simic (‘A Country Without Libraries’) via NYR Blog