what the optimum rate of production is for contemporary writers. One book a year? Two? A book a decade? One good book a generation?

Secrets about the internet



The most common word in search queries is “photos”. Number two? “Fotos.” The associated words indicate that people are usually searching for pictures of naked women and cars.

Blog readers don’t click on ads. Most ads are clicked by confused, lost, nontechnical people who arrived from a Google results page and think that the ad will take them to what they were really looking for. (This is why domain-squatting with ad pages is so profitable.) Many blogs have disabled ads for everyone except Google referrals without losing significant income. Many others have started showing more ads to Google referrals.

Nobody ever donates with those PayPal Donate buttons.

The majority of SEO is bullshit.

There are a lot more confused, lost, nontechnical people using the internet than any of us realize. And they greatly outnumber us.

Most internet use in the U.S. is during the workday by people browsing at work (when they’re supposed to be working). Younger people use social networks more, while older people play Flash games and read gossip sites more. Traffic on most sites drops significantly on weekends, especially popular travel weekends.

Good to know. Now how does he know that

I never use the search query for “photos” or “fotos,” nor do I click on web ads, and I’ve never donated using PayPal Donate buttons.

My internet use mainly during the workday which starts around 7 a.m. and concludes sometime around midnight or later.

Flash games are a decadent escape that rarely if ever I indulge in such behavior. Social network is often a waste of valuable time, yet I check Facebook and Tumblr at least a half dozen or more times a day.

Yet the question remains: What is the qualitative and quantitative data for Marco’s report?

Sunset at the Arboretum: The North Carolina Arboretum (http://www.ncarboretum.org/) (Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49503199543@N01/2593503410/)

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