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One reason for writing, of course, is that no one’s written what you want to read.

Philip Larkin (via theparisreview)

#avl #avlwx #avlsnomg Remember that 10% grade snomaghetto road I couldn’t navigate at 6AM. Makes a perfect sled (or luge) run at 2PM.

#avl #avlwx #avlsnomg At 6AM I realized I wasn’t going to make it out of the snomaghetto. May not look like it but that’s a 10% grade slope.

In Those Days, Randall Jarrell

In those days—they were long ago—
The snow was cold, the night was black.
I licked from my cracked lips
A snowflake, as I looked back

Through branches, the last uneasy snow.
Your shadow, there in the light, was still.
In a little the light went out.
I went on, stumbling—till at last the hill

Hid the house. And, yawning,
In bed in my room, alone,
I would look out: over the quilted
Rooftops, the clear stars shone.

How poor and miserable we were,
How seldom together!
And yet after so long one thinks:
In those days everything was better.

(via Poetry 365: In Those Days, Randall Jarrell)

npr:  After The Crisis, An Economist Reconsiders Cappuccino  Oh, Planet Money, you had me at “cappuccino.” –wrightbryan3 (Source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2010/12/17/132115320/after-the-crisis-an-economist-reconsiders-cappuccino)

malty: every damn day (Source: http://weheartit.com/entry/5094668)

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Poetry at The Pulp featuring Pat Riviere-Seel

Tonight at 7 PM, Poetry at The Pulp features Pat Riviere-Seel. The reading is followed by an open-mic. So, if you can not make the trip to Warren Wilson College, hangout at the Orange Peel’s members-only club, The Pulp, and enjoy an evening of poetry.

Tonight, 8:15PM, free public reading at Warren Wilson College

This morning Kevin McIlvoy and Alan Shapiro presented lectures as part of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. [1] Tonight, Dean Bakopoulos, Martha Rhodes, Alix Ohlin, and Ellen Bryant Voigt read their work at 8:15 PM at the Fellowship Hall behind the Chapel. [2]

[1] The complete Public Lecture Schedule for The MFA for Writers at Warren Wilson College – Winter 2011 [2] The Public Reading Schedule – Winter 2011