Classic VW parked downtown #avl (Taken with instagram) (Source:

More urban graffiti at Urban Outfitters. (Taken with instagram) (Source:

Why did I agree to have lunch at the mall? (Taken with instagram) (Source:

Community garden with neighbors. The corn is knee-high to higher. Already enjoying fresh beans & squash. (Taken with instagram) (Source:

Iron Man getting ready to try some dance moves at a Friday night party. (Taken with instagram) (Source:

So Iron Man rode into town in a giant flamingo… (Taken with instagram) (Source:

tylerknott: All the birdsin the skyhave anin-born feelingto travel. -Tyler Knott Gregson- (Source:

carolinaeloquence: literarylovers: Writers at Work: Jack Kerouac (Source:

lifeofliterature: Day 41/365 – inner outer (by Mattron) (Source: