// she says, ‘you’ve been nice to me all weekend.’ i reply, ‘but the kidlingers think i’m genghis khan.’

// what ever happened to WNCNN, Mad Miss Mattie & others (http://scrutinyhooligans.us/2007/09/01/early-morning-mad-miss-mattie/)…

tolle: successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly

// cut down the number of feeds in google reader from x-number (too embarrassed to say how many) to 10 rss feeds…

when looking for a job in design/advertising/marketing

which site do you use talent zoo, creative hotlist or the creative group?

Johnny Depp Reading Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac Reads from “On The Road”

How Much is a Magazine’s Content Worth? (http://www.foliomag.com/2009/how-much-magazine-s-content-worth-part-one)

To ruminate, or to tweet, that is the question

“For some kinds of thought, especially moral decision-making about other people’s social and psychological situations, we need to allow for adequate time and reflection,” said… author Mary Helen Immordino-Yang.

(via Tweet this: Rapid-fire media may confuse your moral compass) (hat tip: monkeytypist and azspot)

This seems to contradict the premise of the best-selling book, Blink. The article continues:

The study raises questions about the emotional cost… of heavy reliance on a rapid stream of news snippets obtained through television, online feeds or social networks such as Twitter.

My take away: maybe it is best to marinate and ruminate than to tweet.

folio covered it first & now nyt gives it review of newsweek’s facelift… newsweek’s focus: ‘the reimagined magazine will include reported narratives that rely on intellectual scoops rather than informational ones and pair them with essayistic argument’ while nyt concludes… ‘The big talents and ambitious journalists that remain at Newsweek should probably spend less time reimagining the magazine and more time imagining a future when the physical product does not exist.’