Gen-Yers changing the workplace

Gen-Yers are using their personal networks and profiles as an extension of their professional personality. Even though they are using Facebook to mostly socialize with family and friends, they are inadvertently blending the two. Sixty-four percent of Gen-Y fails to list their employer on their profiles, yet they add an average of 16 co-workers each to their “friend” group.

Generation Y: The New Kind of Workforce (via thenextweb)

Read: Six Rules For Networking at Work

  1. Build outward, not inward.
  2. Go for diversity, not size.
  3. Build weak ties, not strong ones.
  4. Use hubs, not familiar faces.
  5. Swarm the target.
  6. If people aren’t pulling together, strengthen ties.

(via HBR)

Link: Six Rules For Networking at Work

Twitter is like golf. I feel like an idiot for doing it, but I have to admit that sometimes it’s fun.

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Interview: Seth Godin on How Often to Post to Your Blog


Seth Godin: My goals in blogging are:

  1. To spread ideas
  2. To put my ideas out there and get them out of the way of the next idea
  3. To encourage people to add alacrity to their diet

I find that I have about six bloggable ideas a day. I also find that writing twice as long a post doesn’t increase communication, it usually decreases it. And finally, I found that people get antsy if there are unread posts in their queue.

Hence, the compromise on daily.