Mixed media comps for an illustrated book cover

Where may I see your art?

That is a question I receive frequently. Notoriously, I am guilty of not cataloging the work I create. Nor updating this site with new works of art. Below is my attempt to share those works I have crafted over the years. It is not comprehensive. And what is displayed is a fraction of work completed. Hope you enjoy the tour!  


Watercolor painting

Watercolor painting for an award-winning book cover.

Sometimes I forget that I have created illustrations for books. Interior illustrations as well as front cover illustration.

Here is a story of my work for the books, Requiem for Used Ignition Cap.

Artisan wood painting


Painted shields and banners

So, there was a time I painted shields and banners at a Renaissance Faire. . .

I like to think of this as medieval graphic design.


Decorated bookshelf

One summer I decided to build and decorate a bookshelf. The bookshelf features literary scenes from East and West. The illustration was burned in to the wood using a woodburning stylus and later stained and painted.

Woodblock printing

Block printed greeting cards

Many years ago I taught my children the art of block printing. Initially, I used scraps of wood from home improvement projects. Later, the prints were created from Speedball® Speedy Carve™ blocks. Each holiday season more hand-printed greeting cards are crafted. 


Manual photography

A neglected part of my repertoire. 35mm manual photography. Polaroid photography. And Polaroid transfer art prints.


Sketch books, drawings, and other ephemera

Pen and ink, watercolor and other drawings. 


Graphic design

Professionally, I do a lot of design work. Graphic design for print, digital, and video. Too much to share here.

Thanks for visiting!

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