The purpose of drawing

The foundation of a great painting is a solid drawing. At least that was my goal when I worked on this book cover illustration for Orison Books. The collage features a firewheel — sometimes called Indian blanket — blossom, shotgun shell and expansive Texas landscape.

Nearly completed pen and ink work on the cover.


Detail of the firewheel flower blossom.




7 thoughts on “The purpose of drawing

      • Thanks! Glad you like Coffeehouse Junkie. I used to post something everyday, but now I am blessed if I can post one item a week.

      • We are OK with quality! Life gets complicated and then every once in a while it settles down. That is when you get to write about all those days when you were too busy to write!

      • Very true. The activities of life often complicate personal goals, provide material to write about, and so on. Keeping an analog journal helps me collect my thoughts, but translating those handwritten thoughts into blog posts requires patience and perseverance.

      • Sometimes we have too many experiences and it does take a while to work through the priority list. Good to hear you keep a journal. That might mean good things to come! Here is to patience and perseverance.

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