Poetry Prize finalists announced

Mountain Xpress announced their poetry prize finalists today. Among the finalists are a couple of friends. Hope all my friends win first place! The winning poet will be announced next Friday, April 8th, at the Mountain Xpress Poetry Show.

As part of the Mountain Xpress Poetry Show, I have been invited as a guest poet to read alongside some of Asheville’s talented and notable poets. I’ll be the poet wearing the t-shirt that reads: “Haikus are easy/but sometimes they don’t make sense/refrigerator.

Hope to see you next Friday night!

Poem: What makes people so bulletproof?

What makes people so bulletproof in their automobiles?

Poem: What makes people so bulletproof in their automobiles?

The daffodil blooms shudder in the breeze. The phlox shows signs of pregnant blooms. It’s a prefect day for a Spring walk. I guess that’s what makes the moment captured in the poem so poignant.

But alas, I think I broke a rule regarding poetry: never explain your poem.

Translating Concrete

Translating 'Concrete'

Translating 'Concrete'

Brinkmann’s book Künstliches Licht begins with a poem titled after the French architectural style of roughly-finished concrete. Nothing more interesting than translating a German poem with French words and deeper contextual elements.

We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone. Folks who want porn can buy [an] Android phone…

Steve Jobs

Lost in translation

Brinkmann's Künstliches Licht

Brinkmann's Künstliches Licht

Look what arrived from across the pond. Forgive me for being rather spare with my online presence these last few weeks. I’ve got two good reasons and a surprise.

  1. A vintage manual typewriter arrived and I’ve been spending more time using that machine than I’ve been online.
  2. A copy of Rolf Dieter Brinkmann’s Künstliches Licht arrived in time for the rainy season and I’ve been reading in German and translating to English. Hopefully I’ll have some of the translations done in time for the upcoming Poetry at the Pulp event on April 8th.

Okay so the big surprise is still in the works. Sorry for the tease. I’ve been working on something new and plan to launch it here in the near future. That’s all I can say at this point. By the end of the week I should have more details that I will share.

What isn’t tragic belongs to the comic spirit. The novel is nourished by both and swallows both up greedily.

Joyce Carol Oates (via theparisreview)

jaredbkeller: Before The Aircraft Carrier: The Union Army Balloon Corp Beginning in 1861, the Union Army had an active balloon corp. The Union Army Balloon Corp, led by presidential appointee Thaddeus S. C. Lowe, consisted of seven vessels, the largest at … Continue reading

I am the surprise in your cereal box


Cheaply made.

Not as cool as you thought.

Looks better in the picture.

Only six copies remain – A Body Turning

A Body Turning: a poetry chapbook

A Body Turning was published as the culmination of a creative writing workshop I directed more than a year ago. Poems by Samara Scheckler and Susan Ryonen Keene are featured in this book as well as an introductory essay written by myself.

When I studied art at the university the goal of each student was the senior art exhibit. From a student’s body of work the best art objects were selected for the show. That’s how the poetry writing workshops I direct are planned. Students work on poems for several weeks and then we select, edit and publish their best work in a collection of poems.

If you’re interested in an upcoming poetry writing workshop, please leave a comment or email me at coffeehousejunkie [at] gmail [dot] com.

Order A Body Turning (paperback, 48 pgs, 8.5″x5.5″ $10 + s/h) today!

The act of writing a poem is a bodily act as well as a mental and imaginative act, and the act of reading a poem—even silently—must be bodily before it’s intellectual.

Donald Hall (via theparisreview)