Overheard on the bus route

Here’s some overheard conversations from Friday afternoon.

Man talking to another man: “What is real? What is truth? What is this? You know what I’m talking about?”

Waiting at the bus stop.
Man 1: “I’ve been runnin’ all day… getting a beer here… a beer there… s___ I’m tired.”
Man 2: “I hear that.”
Man 1: “Alcohol will make you go places you don’t want to go… killed my brother… I get shakes, you know… s___, my heart stopped in Virginia… ah, hell.”

Overheard on ATS

I posted overheard bus conversations and comments back in June. Here’s some more from the other day:

After mentioning something about the police, a man says into his cellphone: “You can’t just sell something that isn’t yours.”

Man and woman talking across the aisle inside the bus.
Man: “Where you going this early in the morning?”
Woman: “Social Services.”
Man: “What for?”
Woman: “None of your damn business. Where you going?”
Man turns toward the window and looks at his cellphone.

Man at a bus stop mopping his face with a handkerchief after racing up a hill to wait for the bus: “Hot has hell out here … but a lot nicer than Columbus … no drive-by shooting … Asheville’s a nice place … “
Coffeehouse Junkie: “Columbus, Ohio?”
Man lighting a cigarette: “Yeah … had to leave Columbus ’cause all the f__ing Mexicans taking all the jobs … heard ’bout Asheville … sure is damn hot but a whole lot nicer than Columbus.”
Coffeehouse Junkie refrained from saying: Welcome to Asheville amigo.

Write Stuff: A Greek Tragedy

This week Write Stuff’s regular contributors are to write about “premonition.” The assignment was handed out a week or two ago.

For the last week I’ve been engaged in a lecture series on “Introduction to Greek Philosophy” from Boston University (via The Teaching Company). I was able to rent the 4 DVD set from the local library. That has lead me to examine texts on Alexander the Great as well as explore The Theogony.

With the writing prompt being premonition, my mind turned to the tragic Greek tale of Cassandra. I started out to write a formal sonnet with a twist. The twist being that I did not want to use a rhyming pattern nor did I want to use iambic pentameter; rather, I wanted to write iambic dimeter verse.

When I completed the initial drafts I realized it lacked the urgency and tragedy that I want to communicate. So I departed from the initial hybrid sonnet I attempted and completed the poem as four strophes of four lines each — total of sixteen lines. Let me know what you think of Cassandra’s Gift.

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D’licious Magazine release party a success

large crowd at release party

great food

great beverages

great entertainment

Hot off the press!

They arrived yesterday–thousands of them.

Last night I received copies of the debut issue of D’licious Magazine. There’s something special–magical–about holding months of hard work, long hours and gallons of coffee in the final form of the printed product. Join me Saturday night for the d’licious magazine release party!

Here’s the details:

Saturday, August 5, 2006 from 7:00pm– until
Contact: D’licious Magazine at info@dliciousmag.com

D’licious Magazine will debut its premier issue. Come experience a taste of Asheville’s cuisine, entertainment, breweries and wineries at the Haywood Park Ballroom (1 Battery Park Ave., Asheville, NC 28801) underneath the Haywood Park Hotel in the heart of downtown Asheville.

Food and beverages provided by: Belly of Buddha Catering, the Flying Frog Cafe, the Frog Bar and Deli, Biltmore Estate Stable Café, Thai Basil, Hannah Flannigans, Skully’s Signature Dine & Drink, Digable Pizza, Greenlife Grocery, Sweet Monkey Bakery & Catering, Clingman Ave. Coffee and Catering, Zuma Too: Chef Oso’s Culinary Passport, Haywood Road Market, Sclafani Distributors, the Biltmore Estate Winery, Hanover Park Winery, the French Broad Brewing Company, Highlands Brewery and the Pisgah Brewery.

Additional sponsors: The Westville Pub, Kabloom, 96.5 WOXL, and the Art of Microbrewing by Stephen Patrick Boland and Kevin Marino.

Entertainment by: David Stevenson, Cabo Verde, Free Planet Radio and Jen and the Juice.

Purchase tickets today: The Haywood Park Hotel, The French Broad Brewery, Greenlife, Hannah Flannigans, Clingman Ave. Coffee and Catering, Skully’s Signature Dine & Drink, The Haywood Road Market, Orbit DVD and Diggin Art.

Tickets are $25 in advance and $35 at the door.