To ruminate, or to tweet, that is the question

“For some kinds of thought, especially moral decision-making about other people’s social and psychological situations, we need to allow for adequate time and reflection,” said… author Mary Helen Immordino-Yang.

(via Tweet this: Rapid-fire media may confuse your moral compass) (hat tip: monkeytypist and azspot)

This seems to contradict the premise of the best-selling book, Blink. The article continues:

The study raises questions about the emotional cost… of heavy reliance on a rapid stream of news snippets obtained through television, online feeds or social networks such as Twitter.

My take away: maybe it is best to marinate and ruminate than to tweet.

2 thoughts on “To ruminate, or to tweet, that is the question

    • True confession: I rely on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to aggregate content, but have recently avoided those networks in finding new content. The article I quoted was discovered on Tumblr awhile ago. After a few years of Tumblr’s highly addictive features I deleted my Tumblr account (you can read the account here), but did save some of the data from one of Tumblr’s lesser know features (allowing users to download Tumble log content to a user’s hard drive). The quoted research was something I reblogged and, upon rediscovering the content on my hard drive, thought it was worth re-reading and sharing.

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