Imagine my surprise when I visited one of my favorite marketing weblogs, The Marketing Playbook, and found that they had linked to my weblog. The Marketing Playbook linked to a meager post about strategy and tactics. All I did was post two quotes (one from a book I read and the other from a post from The Marketing Playbook.

The reason I have been studying marketing (specifically strategy and tactics) is partly to support marketing clients at my current company and partly for the marketing of my upcoming poetry book. Trust me, poetry books need all the marketing genius you can throw at them.

Last night, at writer’s group, I was asked how I organized the collection of poems that make up Late Night Writing. The short answer is that I wanted to create a purchasing/reading experience that left the reader with a feeling that they made a good buy and literary investment. That’s how I buy music albums and books. The packaging and content work together to create an intellectual and emotional reaction. For example, I just received Over the Rhine’s latest release and the packaging art and the band’s musical offerings work well together. I enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) that experience and naturally evangelize that product. That’s how I want my books or products to be received. And that’s why I’ve been researching marketing.

Like a narrative, marketing will do you no good unless you know the desired target. The first thing most established writers will tell a novice is that you can’t start writing a novel unless you know the ending. Marketing without strategy (the plot) and tactics (chapters, paragraphs, sentences) is pointless.

Now if I can just make sense of distribution…

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