Beanstreet’s Open Mic Night

It was a steamy night in Asheville as I headed to Beanstreet’s open mic. The coffee house was hotter than outside which seemed perfect for a congregation of creative energy. Even though sweat ran down my forehead and into my eyes, I ordered a cup of java and renewed friendships with kindred spirits. I listened to young man rip up his guitar with infectious blues rock tunes and another sing ballads but the performance that inspired a poem was a didge (didgeridoo) duet. You got a love didge players setting the tone for poetry incursions. I offered three new poems last night–plus one that I wrote on the spot and dedicated to the didge players. I wrote several poem sketches furiously for over an hour. The heat got to me and I left earlier than usual and followed the full moon home.

12 thoughts on “Beanstreet’s Open Mic Night

  1. Sorry for the weird echo… but yes creative juices have been spilling out everywhere recently. The dueling didge players inspired a poem which inspired a series of drawings which worked into a painting.

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