Mountain Xpress: Feature Story about Asheville Bloggers

[An abridged version is crossposted on BlogAsheville]
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This week’s Mountain Xpress ran a cover story about the local blogosphere. Screwy Hoolie, Edgy Mama, Modern Peasant, 1000 Black Lines, DEMbloggers and nine other bloggers were mentioned.

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The story, Something To Blog About, is a good overview of the Asheville blogosphere, but (as always) the newspaper sends you to the blogs for the rest of the story.

The article reads:

Looking at 1000 Black Lines, the first impression you may get is that of an old photocopied ‘zine gone 21st century. Poems, essays, random journal entries, images and links to curious items of interest artfully litter the site.

So as not to give the wrong impression, the article was not about 1000 Black Lines. It was about Asheville’s community of bloggers. But this coffeehouse junkie does enjoy the perception of an artfully littered new media ‘zine.

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