Cover Story: Filling My Love Basket

Spring 2006
Vol 1 Number 1

Blue Sky Asheville is a new publication that offers a wide variety of articles and essays on spirituality. Blue Sky Asheville is a local magazine in the same vein as Utne magazine.

Let me illustrate the diversity of Blue Sky Asheville. Articles range from “Fitness Rising: Gain Muscle and Shed Fat as the Moon Waxes and Wanes” to “Living the Mystery: Exploring the Physics of Consciousness.”

That being said, I am humbled and honored that my submission, “Filling My Love Basket,” attained the coveted spot of cover story on the debut issue of Blue Sky Asheville. Actually, it shares the cover with another (much more talented) writer–Gaither Stewart–who submitted an excellent article: “Not By Bread Alone.”

Allow me to offer a warning. If you are easily offended by irreverent, profane or obscene language you may want to skip this article due to a few choice words (three or four). Those of you who are regular readers know I don’t offer a lot of salty language. Profane or obscene language is something I avoid in my writings because, more often than not, it “calls attention [to itself and distracts] from the work as a whole” to quote Flannery O’Connor. However, in “Filling My Love Basket” I wanted to juxtapose religion and spirituality by “let my thoughts flow freely”. My hope is that I present an authentic and relevant struggle that is common to all people of various faith groups.

So without further delay, read “Filling My Love Basket”.

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