Epsicle episode

All weekly contributors to Write Stuff present a piece based on a photo prompt. My contribution is a poem titled: Red Dye #40 Epsicle ice pop. Comments include:

“tasting heatwaves. great description.”

“There is something eerie about the little note of trivia at the end that I can’t put my finger on but I like it. I also like the clean, concise language as well.”

“Normally I’m not a fan of Haiku, but I like this a great deal.”

Thanks Divine.

Thanks Tammi. I love studying the origin of words and their meaning. Recently inspired by Ezra Pound’s poetry, specifically In a Station of the Metro, I attempted to do likewise but in my own voice.

Thanks D. Challener. I was more influenced by Pound than by haiku. However, knowing that haiku is often used, abused from its honorable beginning; I picked it up, dusted it off and attempted to “make it new.”

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