Blind Date with Poetry

Tonight Blind Date with Poetry, hosted by Matt Moon featured poets published by Rapid River magazine. Featured poets included: Jillian Foster Knight, Corrie Woods, Britt Kaufmann, Joanna Knowles, Dahn Shaulis, Cheri L. Jones Wendy Kochenthal and myself.

Without exception, the poets presented over an hour of well crafted material from diverse perspectives. The open mic that followed was equally inspiring though a few of the regular open mic poets seemed absent.

My wife accompanied me tonight which is a special occasion for both of us. She enjoyed the night’s poetry and we were able to meet new friends, kindred spirits after the event.

The only regret I recall is that one open mic poet seemed to hang back from the congregation of poets. I caught her figure out of the corner of my eye as she stared at a book shelf. I’ve experienced that glazed look myself. Not sure how to introduce myself to other poets and equally intimidated by them. I think she said she was a student from ABTech. She wore a pink camisole and read a couple poems during the open mic portion of the event. I wanted to thank her for bravely sharing her work, but I got caught up in a discussion about Ezra Pound’s poetry and essays that I neglected such an important opportunity to include and encourage a young poet. My wife noticed her as well and advised me to encourage her if I see her again at another open mic. It is such a small gesture, but also so important.

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