01. I did not watch the Super Bowl.
02. I am working at Biltmore Coffee Traders via their WiFi.
03. I find it ironic that Al Gore is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on Inconvenient Truth when most of the US is experiencing record cold temperatures…
04. and I find it truly ironic that Rush Limbaugh is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize–it must be the dawn of a new ice age.
05. My feet are really cold…
06. and my office is so cold, like 50 degrees, that I am forced to migrate between Asheville’s WiFi hotspots…
07. and I rather enjoy the life of a WiFi nomad and may never return to the 10×10 windowless office…
08. and a French lady from Wisconsin called to tell me it is snowing and would I like to buy a house.
09. I think I need another coffee.
10. Sorry I didn’t say hi, EM, I was meeting with a client.

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