Just when I think I should give up

Awhile ago this essay was published in an obscure local paper. I didn’t think it made much of a difference in anyone’s life. Then one day a blogger emailed a reply that included these encouraging words:

“You are very right when you say we don’t have to have it all figured out and ourselves all neatly put together.”

A month later another reader emailed me these kind words:

“I appreciate what you wrote… it is encouraging to know that this is not an abnormal way to feel…”

It is nice to know a couple people were moved enough to respond to something I wrote–a blessing indeed. Then I came across a link to my essay from a blog that promotes a book titled Get Up Off Your Knees. One of the books editors, Beth Maynard, writes that

“it’s a nice piece of writing…”

And this encourages me to finish an essay I don’t want to write in a paper that many people overlook and I wonder why I should keep writing–why keep typing late into the night with the glow of the laptop screen guiding me to explore inner thoughts, doubts, questions of reality and spirituality and ritual.

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