Ten Reasons Why the Internet Is No Substitute for the Library:

1. Not Everything is on the Internet.

2. The Needle (Your Search) in the Haystack (the Web)

3. Quality Control Doesn’t Exist.

4. What You Don’t Know Really Does Hurt You.

5. States Can Now Buy One Book and Distribute to Every Library on the Web… Not.

6. Hey, Bud, What About E-Books?! (Reading on any e-reader is a chore.)

7. Aren’t There Library-less Universities Now? (No.)

8. But a Virtual State Library Would Work, Right? (Only if you like bankruptcy.)

9. The Internet: A Mile Wide, an Inch (or Less) Deep.

10. The Internet is Ubiquitous, but Books are Portable.

(via sleepinginyourflowerbed)

PREACH! (via chartophylax)

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