[Podcast] Re-release of episode 14

Here is a re-release of episode 14 of the Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast. It is a bit dated in the fact that there is a reference to gingerbread latte. Anyway, the relaunch of the Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast is almost here.

The Flood Fine Arts Center in Asheville, North Carolina was the home to poetry writing workshops I directed. One of the six-week workshops featured a syllabus and writing exercises. There is discussion at present to make that syllabus/workbook available as an e-book for those interested parties. This episode features the essay “The Hunger” from the poetry writing workshop. It is abridged and will be released in an expanded version in a forthcoming book.

Listen to: Episode 014

I look forward to your feedback. Post comments, question and/or requests in the comment section of this blog post and I will address it in an upcoming episode. Thanks for listening!

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