Experiencing technical difficulities

Technical difficulties
Technology offers great time-saving efficiencies. Until something breaks. You probably know what I mean.

Your faithful laptop suddenly experiences hard drive issues. Instead of waiting until it is too late, you preemptively order a replacement and it arrives. But it is the wrong model. How did that happen? So you return it and its replacement delivers to your apartment (according to the online package tracking system). But you never see it. Nor does your neighbor, who nicely inquires about the missing package with other apartment dwellers. But alas. It is missing. How does something as simple as replacing a hard drive eat up nearly a month of hassle? So, disappointed by the delay, you place another order for the hard drive. It arrives! Yay! You do the happy dance. (Until you realize that you now have a month of backlogged freelance and contract work to do in a single week.) And you’re back to business.

Well, maybe you do not know what I mean. That never happens to you, right? Yeah, me neither.

All that to say, the relaunch of the audio podcast has been delayed, but is on its way. As soon as I catch up on some projects. Stay tuned.

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