When the Lights Go Out

When The Lights Go Out book cover

Announcing the release of When the Lights Go Out: and other writings [Kindle Edition]!

This e-book collects four stories from a Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast plus a bonus chapter. Inside When the Lights Go Out includes stories about creative space, laptop versus hand-writing and more. Here’s a list of the chapters:

  1. Creative space
  2. When the lights go out
  3. An audience of one
  4. Life is lived as a messy first draft

Plus a bonus chapter!

Listen to the audio:

And thank you for your support!

Download today: When the Lights Go Out: and other writings [Kindle Edition]


2 thoughts on “When the Lights Go Out

  1. Dear Matthew, Greetings and ‘thank you’ for your insightful and painfully personal account of your experience with Asheville. I had the opportunity to visit the city, the UNC campus and the ‘Biltmore’ estate grounds from Wednesday, July 23rd through Saturday, July 26th for the 2014 Veterans for Peace Convention. I found the ‘Biltmore’ to be an extraordinary example of the skill and ability of the artisans and craftsmen and women who created it but the visit left me with an overwhelming sense of obscene, pornographic wealth. I met and listened to some six hundred men and women veterans of the wars in Viet Nam, Iraq. All emphatically demand an end to American military imperialism and nuclear weaponry.
    I was delighted to find your very well done site.
    All best wishes,
    Joseph Filipowski – Norfolk, Virginia
    Afghanistan and Pakistan

    • Thanks for reading my story in The Asheville Blade, Joseph! And thank you for your service and participation in the Veterans for Peace Convention.

      One thing I have learned from writing this story is that it represents a lot of people. Not just in Western North Carolina. But throughout the country.

      Again, thanks for reading the story!

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