Sunday paper, book fair and other notes

For those of you following my Sunday search for a copy of the New York Times in a fly over state, I finally found a copy last weekend. And I enjoyed reading it Sunday afternoon and evening. There is something about flipping through the printed pages of the weekend edition of a newspaper that is a luxurious activity.

Other notes of interest:

  • Last weekend was the Racine & Kenosha Authors Book Fair. Photos of the event will be posted here later this week.
  • The production and editing of the upcoming audio podcast is almost complete. It is running a bit long for this episode. So, I may cut one segment to fit the desired time slot of 20 to 25 minutes. What am I going to do with the extra segment? Suggestions?
  • On that note, Nick Demske — who curates the BONK! performance series in Racine — suggested contacting a few of the musicians and singer/songwriters to feature on upcoming audio podcasts. I am very excited to announce that two musicians — who performed at BONK! performances — have provided permission to feature their work on future episodes of the Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast.

That is all for now, friends!

If you are interested, here are a few things said elsewhere:
[1] I really should not be allowed on social media. It no doubt alters and disrupts neural pathways.
[2] One feature I like about the @Kenosha_News paper is the Off the Shelves section. Kenosha Public Library staff feature authors & books.
[3] According to @WSJ (pg D2), corduroy is back in fashion. Yay! Since @goodwill is where I shop, my wardrobe is finally in style. I haven’t been this excited since the 90s… when grunge rockers brought flannel to the mainstream…

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