3, 2, 1, it is almost here

Who is ready for another Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast? This weekend, the next episode will be made available through select podcast services for you, the faithful Coffee Den patrons. Stay tuned for details tomorrow. Next week the podcast will be available to the general listenership.

So, what is on tap? First, how does an artist translate visions and dreams into pigment on canvas? These and other topics are discussed with artist Eva Scruggs. Next, poetry readings and acoustic singer/songwriter sets are common at bookstores and cafés. Join me and take a glimpse behind the scenes of one of those events that takes place at Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina. Finally, visit the Grey Eagle music hall and meet Deborah Crooks as she shares a conversation about liberation and home.

And, as always, the podcast features special music by a singer/songwriter I was introduced to thanks to some of the poets and writers in Racine, Wisconsin. I think you may enjoy the lo-fi, indie quality of this artist.

How long does it take to write a haiku?

How long does it take to write a haiku book cover

Purchase How long does it take to write a haiku? [Kindle Edition]!

One autumn evening, during supper, a father tells his children about the poet Basho. They are filled with curiosity and questions. One child asks, how long does it take to write a haiku? This collection features that story and others—plus a story that asks, is it possible to write a poem in your sleep?

When the Lights Go Out

When The Lights Go Out book cover

Purchase When the Lights Go Out [Kindle Edition]!

A light breeze from the south carries echoes of stories about creative space, laptop versus hand-writing and more.

A weather event prompted the author toward thoughts about our culture’s dependency on electricity and technology. These and other short stories complete this collection.

The Vanishing Art of Letter Writing

The Vanishing Art of Letter Writing book cover

Purchase The Vanishing Art of Letter Writing [Kindle Edition]!

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Not an email, but a handwritten letter with pen, paper, envelope and postage. Learn about a legacy of letters from a WWII soldier discovered by a son who never met his father. Years later he learns about his father through a collection of old war letters.

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