Books. That’s on the menu.

The next episode of the Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast is all about books. Mostly. And libraries.

And the podcast is almost ready for release. Should be ready before the holiday. If you are traveling to visit family for Thanksgiving (or avoiding family on Thanksgiving Day), you can download past episodes (here) and listen to them at your leisure.

Excited. Nervous.

Putting final touches on the upcoming Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast.

The podcast is exciting, to me anyway, because it explores a topic that interests many — social media. As a teaser, here’s a question: would your internet behavior be considered a mental illness?

The podcast makes me nervous because it is part confession.

For readers of this blog, it will be available before the weekend.

Last day of spring? Where did the time go?

UX Design Icons
It is a long week when Friday morning reveals 40 hours worked and it will be two more 10-hour days before a rest.

Still, I managed to attend the Racine Public Library’s writers group this week after a long absence. If you’re looking for a friendly group poets and writers in the Racine area, visit the group.

Also, I have not forgot about this week’s Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast. It is in production and due to release this weekend. It features a listener’s comments, special dedication and original music between the segments by John Hayes.

So, why the busy week? Oh, boy… where do I start?

Let’s just say, designing a few software application icons and buttons that allow for best user experience is one matter. Designing dozens and dozens is a whole different critter. And that was Monday. And then Tuesday… well… maybe later.


Two ways to hear the audio podcast

08 May 2014 Podcast Cover

If you missed last week’s Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast, “How long it takes to write a haiku?”: it is available on SoundCloud and PodOmatic.

Here’s a link to SoundCloud:

Here’s the link to PodOmatic:

Again, thanks so much to Amy Annelle for the music and Maniac Coffee Roasting for some great beans! Stay tuned for the next audio podcast coming soon.