[Podcast] Pageantry of vanity

NOV 2014 iTunes Image

What would you tell someone if they told you that your internet behavior was categorically a mental illness? How much time do you spend on Facebook, Tumblr? or other social media sites? How does this affect your real life relationships? Do you prefer e-books to physical pulp and ink books? These and other confessions are the topic of this episode of the Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast.

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Naomi MarieSpecial thanks to Naomi Marie for permission to use her song on the show. She is a born and bred Midwestern minstrel or sorts. Transplanted from the rich musical culture of the twin cities, she has discovered a fresh folk sound and form from the third coast of Lake Michigan. Having recently released her first full length, Primary Colors, in May of 2014, she sets to connect with friends, fans and artists in continued pursuit of her music’s authentic expressions.

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twitter: @naomimarieandco
website: naomimariemusic.org
facebook: /naomimariemusic
iTunes: Album – Primary Colors