THE INDIE, November 2005

The November issue of The Indie hit the streets last week.

– “A Parking Snarl On Battle Square” by Michael Hopping
– “Human Needs Coalition Fights GOP Budget Attack” by Tim Wheeler/People’s World Weekly.

– “The Year of Magical Thinking” (book review) by Michael Hopping
– “Writing and the World of the Library: An Interview with Umberto Eco” by Gaither Stewart.

– “Like a Rolling Stone: The Spirit of the Bonfire” by Pasckie Pascua
– “Writing, Painting and Thoughts about Spirituality from a Coffeehouse Junkie” by Matthew Mulder
– “Letters from Rome: The Greeks and Us” by Gaither Stewart

Plus much more…

To obtain FREE copies of the October issue…
go to The Indie website.
or write:

The Indie
70 Woodfin Place, Suite 01
Asheville NC 28801

or call:

Tel # (828) 225 5994

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