Holy Shoot! Is this for real? From the Asheville Citizen-Times:
Two new high-rises planned for downtown

“…plans to renovate the Haywood Park Hotel and adjacent properties between Page and Haywood avenues downtown call for adding a 25-story tower…. The new hotel… would stand alongside a more modern residential high-rise of 21 floors overlooking Haywood Avenue…. Fraga plans to add an additional 500 parking spaces underground, as well as convert the existing Haywood Park hotel space to office and retail space.”


Fraga unveils plans for 25-floor hotel tower

“Tony Fraga…. said…. ‘I believe that cities have to grow vertically. Instead of developing subdivisions and increasing our dependency on foreign oil, we have to go up in downtown, not up into the mountains. And in this area, we have a tower that was already planned….’”

For out-of-towners, the downtown Asheville area is so congested it is almost insane to consider high rises and the relative human element to fill those residential and commercial outlets. Asheville might as well rename the city—New York South. 

For local Ashevegas residents, might as well get ready to change your colloquial expression of “Hi, ya’ll” to “Hey, yous.”

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