A 90-second GTD primer:

From 43 Folders:

  • Project. Any desirable outcome that requires more than one physical action in order to be considered complete.
    • “Present a persuasive pitch to Henderson’s group on 2008-10-03” is a Project.
  • Next Action. The next physical activity I could perform that moves a Project nearer to the outcome I want.
    • “Call Henderson to schedule time and location for 10/3 presentation” is the next action for my Project.
  • Context. Any limitation, opportunity, tool, or resource that lets me do one of the physical actions in my Project.
    • “@calls” is the Context for my Next Action
    • in this case, “@calls” serves as a list of all items I could do on any Project, so long as I have access to a phone.
    • (See? Different angle.)
  • The Four Criteria Model. The notion that Priority is only one of four criteria in deciding what to do at a given moment.
    • The other three are “Time Available,” “Energy Available,” and (you guessed it) “Context.


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