the north garden patch at the end of june: i thought for sure that storm that came through on june 18 wiped out the sweet corn, but with kidlinger help the corn survives & thrives. it’s the pea plants that seemed to have withered (but i don’t believe the storm had anything to do with it).

again, for those keeping record: 4 pumpkin plants, 4 winter squash plants, 4 zuchini plants, 10 canaloupe plants, 4 cuccumber plants, 10 beefsteak tomoto plants & 6 cherry tomato plants.

also, 1 raccoon & 1 groundhog have been sited in night sorties.

less than $100 have been spent on the gardens. no pesticides or herbicides have been used with the exception of natural, organic pesticides (like cayenne pepper, ground cinnamon & the like).

the gardening strategy handbooks used: trowel & error by sharon lovejoy & the new self-sufficient gardener by john seymour.

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